Termininating Child Support/Minor Married

I have recently found out my Daughter got married in late 2014. According to my Case Worker, in the State of NC that emancipates the child and I am no longer obligated to pay child support, but I have to obtain a copy of the Marriage Certificate. They are being extremely secretive about where they got married, all that can be gotten out of the child or the mother is “at the magistrates office and my mom had to sign for me”.

How can I get a copy if I don’t know where? All I know is it is in NC or SC, and I’ve been told from the pictures the flag in the background looks like an SC flag.

You’ll need to make a motion to modify child support and put on evidence of the marriage. The marriage certificate would be the best evidence, I would try to find out what county they got married in and contact the register of deeds in that county to get a copy of the marriage license. Some counties list marriage records online at the register of deeds website.