Text messages

My husband has a very long text message sent by me to him and he sent it to his lawyer. He said he did it to protect himself. I was cussing a whole lot in the texts but I was telling the truth about he is a cheater, liar, and psycopath, etc. Should I be nervous because I was cussing so much in it and calling him names due to me being very hurt and angry at him?

The text message may resurface at some point, is there something in particular about the text that makes you nervous?

What makes me nervous about the long text message is I was using very bad language that is out of character for me. I was calling him names basically with foul language. :confused: But what I was saying is the truth, I just said it in a way I am embarrassed about.
He had a guy who works for him to cut out parts of the text message he doesnt want seen and he kept the rest to take to court. I do not think he can use altered text messages, can he? I kept the text message and will show it if I need to to show his is tampered with.

Yes, I would keep the actual text messages so if he tries to use the altered version you can show the judge the true version. There could be authentification issues if he has altered or doctored the texts after transmission.