The office is in the home

I am writing on behalf of my son. He works from an office in his home. He travels a lot and for the most part only home on weekends. His wife currently lives is in the home together with her son from a previous marriage. He left there as it was definitely best for her son, and her job. He has offered her an agreement and she is dragging her feet moving on it. It has been almost 2 months. She does agrees that she is not able to afford the mortgage on the house, but he is, and he has suggested a quick claim deed. There is not much equity built up. He has offered her one of their recent model cars which he will make the payments on, and she is able to begin a new life totally debt free. She has to pay car insurance. My son is also offering to pay hospitalization insurance cost for both his wife and her son for one year, until divorce is final. However, he needs his office and all his computer equipment! Is there a time limit that she has to vacate? How can they reach an agreement so he can go home? He is currently living with me, far away from there and access to his office and equipment. My daughter-in-law initiated this situation by saying she wanted out of the marriage. Now my son wants to end this less than 4 years of marriage, so everyone can go on with their lives. He is trying to save both of them money by doing this without attorney. If she wants more (i.e. allimoney) would she not also need to assume part of the debts they have, including the car payment, credit card debts etc?. Both of their vehicles are in his name. They are currently sharing household expenses, because she simply cannot afford their current life style. How long can this legally go on? Without some kind of ‘separation’ to settle financial obligations, it seems crazy for both of them to pay for two places to live? How can this situation be solved so he can go home, and have his equipment AND his life back? He has an entire room dedicated to equipment he uses to perform his job. He is in the computer business.