They are keeping me from my child

I know this site mostly offers advice in cases of custody due to divorce, but I really need help. For two years my ex girlfriend and her family have been keeping my child from me. I have been begging to see her but have only seen her a handful of times. I love my daughter with all of my heart and want to be a part of her life. My ex is a drug addict (which is why we broke up) and I didn’t find out until she was pregnant with my child. Unfortunately my daughter was born with drugs (methadone) in her system. This broke my heart and I just couldn’t be with my ex anymore. Her family enables her behavior and takes care of my child and her older child from a previous relationship and wont let me see my daughter. They tell me I have no rights and no judge will ever rule in my favor because I abandoned my ex and we were never married. I just want to see and be a part of my baby girls life…do I have any rights as a father who was never married to the mother. Do I even have a case because it looks like I abandoned my child, when in reality I have been begging to see her?

Yes, you do have rights even though you were never married. I would go ahead and file an action for child custody and seek court ordered visitation.

I would go forward and apply a case against child custody…