This really happens in NC?

I fathered a child in NC to a woman I later found out was married. At birth I signed an affadavit of parentage because I am sure the child is mine. About a week after the birth of the child the mother disappeared and assigned me visitation of the child and demanded child support.

Now I understand that she has applied to medicaid for the child and we all know in NC when that happens Child Support Enforcement ( CSE ) goes after the father to pay into the system. I think it is pretty sick that because both of us are college educated people that the state would just automatically give her medicaid when I was willing to get private insurance. I now think I know why now.

Is it true that by going thru the CSE route, I will be brought into court, ordered to pay child support, they will establish who the custodial parent is and who the non-custodial parent is? This is extremely unfair that this mother is essentially getting a free attorney to establish her as the custodial parent and get child support when the only option I have is to spend $6000 to retain an attorney.

I have no problem if they bring me into court and want me to pay money to offset medicaid medical costs, but to go a huge step further and assign custody, visitation, and support for the mother? And she can do all this w/o spending a dime?

What in gods name is going on in this state? How is this even REMOTELY fair?


CSE will not fight a custody case, but can move to establish that she is the custodial parent if that is in fact the case. You can file an action for custody on your own if you wish to have more custodial time.