Time frame where wifes adultry has no effect

I recently recieved a confession 5/1/10 after 7 months of lies. My question is as I step back and process all of this and our 21 yrs together and I am in IC and considering real MC the first 7 months were a farse because she blame shifted everything to all of my short commings. Am i at risk of her or her lawyer saying I forgave her at some point and then seeking alimony as the dependant spouce please give me a time line it would kill me to have to pay alimony to this person I dont know anymore but may want to see if she is still there.

Whether or not she can use a defense of condonation (forgiveness) as a defense to a bar to alimony depends on if you actually forgave the affair or not.

So no time frame ? I want to take time to get some IC and MC and then decide and on my time. My lawyer said 6 months to a yr I should be ok but much longer could be a problem.

There is no statutory time period, but I agree with your lawyer.

Thank you so much for what you do. I go back and forth and I guess i need a little more time to breath. I am finally in the pissed off phase which actually feels better then the crushed, depressed ,shattered ego etc…phase

You are most welcome. I wish you all the best.