Title parenting agreement temporary or permanent?

We wish to submit our parenting agreement avoiding our Permanent Child Custody Hearing.
Your forms library has court form AOC-CV-631 with “Order Approving Parenting Agreement”.

Is that form what we use to file our parenting agreement with?

Should “Order Approving Parenting Agreement” be changed to “Order Approving Permanent Parenting Agreement”?

Should the title of our agreement state “Permanent Parenting Agreement” instead of “Temporary Parenting Agreement”?

Can child support or child expense payments be included in the custody agreement too?

Yep- that is the correct form- it need not be changed to say permanent- Agreements are presumed to be such unless they specify that they are temporary.

Those mediated agreements do not include CS- you can do an agreement or file an action for CS and do a consent order on that issue.