Tolling the Statue of Limitions

What is it that you are looking for??? It sounds like you need to go to an emotional support web site …

Wanted to repost sooner,funeral out of town.I’m a little embarrassed for that first Post being so long.
Here are my “big” question[s] starting with can the statue of limitions be tolled because of medical issues my child was dealing with, her best friend who was our neighbor was killed that summer of 2000.
It was a sad and horrible time for her, by the time December rolls around,she is so dysfunctional and depressed,she was flunking out of 2nd grade,bad and 2nd grade should had been a breeze for her.
Everthing else had been a breeaze up to that point.
I taught her when she was 4 years old to hand sign the song,
“My Heart Will Go On”, everything came easy to her, she was a blast to teach.
Screams and nightmare came nightly, during school she would sleep or act out,that was not her charactorand,neither was not want anything to do with her dad,I thought that was sooo odd,to say the less, she wanted me closer to her and sleep with her,I did.
I found a Child Psychiatric in January, Doctor said she had a mental block dued to trauma and wanted to treat her on a weekly basis and she did for months, that was in 2001.
In 2004 my daughter who is now 12, remembered seeing her dad in bed with a friend of mine when she was 7 years old and dad threaten to take away something from her if she ever told what she had seen.
She was being mistreated by my X’s new girl friend when she remembered seeing who and what her daddy was doing.
She was so full of guilt that she had forgotten, she told us all she wanted to die,I told her,she does not lay that shame and blame at her feet, it is not hers to claim,it’s dads.
I was horrified when she told us what he had threaten to take away from her.
During the time of Jonathon’s death she needed everyone to rally around her and make big happy fusses over her and yet,her very onw daddy threaten to make it harder on her,to take away the very thing that gave her confort and easement.
I remember her screams all too well and the feel of her little body trimbled in my arms,seeing her friend in her nightmares hung under that low rider car,she was pitiful.
This is what she was dealing with, when he was done with her and me, she flunked the 2nd grade and I was 100 miles away from her and it was not by choice neither.
He had convienced her psychiatric I was on crack, that was just a ripple in his methodical plan,he assassinated my charactor.
My son who was 24 at the time had never seen me with a drink in my hand, never seen me drunk nor tipsy for that matter,he did dad though for 19 years this man stayed drunk on Vodka.
And now this man was telling the doctor I was doing crack in infront of my child.
He is a maliciouse and spiteful hateful gutted devil and he coerced and mind screwed my child,when her plate was already full enough that she was choking.

My Mother who is a Pentocostal Holiness Christain and has been for 45 years,told me in 2003 the Holy Spirit said,
“there will be another judgement”,
17 months later my daughter told me what she did.
Coincident or God, if you believe in God then there is no coincidents.
Peace and Love, Liberty