Tracking a bank account out of State

Hi, My husband of 19 years is planning on taking a vacation by himself up North for a week. I am suspicious of this trip. He has NEVER gone on a trip up North without me and our kid. We have been having serious marriage problems for 5 yrs now. I know he has alot of money stashed away and I’m thinking he may be putting it in a bank account up north. If that is what he is up to, will there be any way to tell if he has a bank account up there? Can it be traced?? He is not a trustworthy person at all!! I’m also thinking he may be thinking about moving up there which is back home for him. I am a disabled stay at home mom with very limited income. Our son will be graduating high school this year. Is there any way his Dad can be made to pay for college for our son? What should I do to protect myself from this person who has changed so very much?? Thanks for your help!

If litigation ensues you can file discovery and obtain his bank account information. Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do in the meantime. Courts in NC cannot order a parent to support a child through college, however if there is an agreement that says he will pay support, the court can enforce it.