I have an 18 year old son who is still in high school. In our most recent custody agreement, it stated that my son would go spend time with her every 5th weekend. Additionally, our agreement stated that I would provide transportation to AND from her house only on 5th weekends. All other times that he went there, or my daughter (who lives with their mother primarily) came to spend time with me, their mother provided one way of transportation, and I provided one way transportation. Now that my son is an adult, it is my understanding that when he goes to spend time with his mother is up to him, and he is no longer required to follow the visitation schedule for when he was a minor. He choose not to go to visit her on the most recent 5th weekend. He does want to go this upcoming weekend for Easter. His Mother is saying that I must provide both ways of transportation because I have not provided that for the 5th weekend that he chose not to utilize. She asserts that she has spoken to her attorney and her local child support office and they have affirmed that I am still bound by the transportation schedule that was applied to his visitation when he was still a minor.

My question is this: Is the transportation schedule that was apart of the visitation schedule for a minor child still applicable when a child becomes an adult but is still in high school?

I don’t mind providing one way, but it appears to me that the transportation schedule, which was tied to the visitation schedule, is now irrelevant since the visitation schedule is no longer applicable for my son because he is not a minor any longer.


Great question. I’m not sure but I’d love to hear Ryan’s opinion.

My personal opinion is that since he’s 18 all this custody/visitation obligations are out the window. As an adult they can’t force him to go there, so that makes the remainder of the schedule (transportation) moot.