Tricked to sign legal separation

I moved into a friends place, rented. To get well, and stop all the meds. Dr. had me on. My husband 21 years legal 30 together said had to do this S.A., The seperation was temparary. He had a lawyer draw up papers. Said we only needed one. I trusted him, he needed them before the bank closed. I signed without reading. I ask for my copy many times over the months, was told he didn’t have them. 1 week after telling me he didn’t want me anymore, by text on 21st anniversary the papers showed up. Were locked in safe. I read them and found out he got everything! I was on heavy medicine, but more then anything I trusted him. I need to have the S.A. set aside, but don’t have the money to pay, until it is put aside as undue stress to sign among others. Nothing in it is true, never talked over with me. Never told I needed my own lawyer. Can it be done? Never stopped being husband and wife. It was another woman after all.

There are lots of reasons why a separation agreement may be set aside, and from the brief facts you have given, you may have a case. You would need to have a full consultation so that an attorney can fully assess your situation and give you an informed opinion based on the entirety of your case.