My father put everything in a trust in my name. I am not currently in a divorce. I have been married 20 plus years and may get a divorce at some point. My father does not want my husband to be able to put his hands on anything that he is given me (that is why he has done a trust). I want to be sure regardless if I am in a marriage or divorce …my husband can never put his hands on the things in the trust. Please advise on what is the best way to ensure my husband can never touch what my father has and want to give me in the future. Thank You so very much.

Gifts to you are your separate property unless you convert it by gifting it to the marriage (making marital purchases and putting it in joint accounts where you can’t trace your separate value are a couple examples) or gift it to your husband. If the gift is in a trust, it should not be difficult to make sure the property remains separate in nature.