Uncontested Divorce

My wife and I are having a very hard time in our marraige and it seems to me that she no longer loves me nor cares if this works out or not. I am emotionally having a difficult time when we are together and only want to be happy again. There comes a point when I realize that if I can’t change the way she looks at the situation, it is time to change the situation itself. I would like to go through the smoothest and least painful and least expensive divorce possible. Before we got married i had two other kids, and didnt tell her until we were married for a few months, an ignorant decision on my part, however, We have a child together in which I still pay child support for (I don’t see any issues there), however the custody may be an issue. In march she filed charges against me for a minor car accident saying that i did it on purpose, therefore I have been charged with and subsiquently found guilty of assault with a deadly weapon. i have appealed that charge on the basis of it being malicious intent on her part. i am military and an assistant store manager, both of which are in limbo due to the conviction pending district court. She is doing everything in her power to bring me down. I have that in writing from her. I just want out. PLEASE advise.

If you are not already living separate and apart, I suggest you move from the martial residence in order to begin working out the issues relevant to a physical separation and subsequent divorce.

I would suggest you then set up a consultation with a lawyer to determine if you will need a Separation Agreement, or Court Order with respect to custody, property, and support issues.