Unjust Enrichment

My ex continued to pay spousal support to me for 10 months after our separation agreement expired. His lawyer stated that he contined to pay support to me even though he believed I was cohabitating. Our position is that I am not cohabitating with my boyfriend. We do spend a lot of time together but maintain separate households, and have not co-mingled our finances. They drafted an agreement and stated that my support would be withheld until the final agreement was signed. We have not been able to reach an agreement. They have sued me for unjust enrichment of 120k which they will drop if I do not seek spousal support/alimony. In your opinion can they win an unjust emrichment case?

Thank you.

No, the support was voluntarily paid an you are not cohabitating.

Thanks Erin :slight_smile:

You are most welcome.