Urgent ..pls help

We have been married for 4.5 years and we have not blended vey well ,due to family clashes and money issues ,we are both software engineers by profession. Our parents are visiting and my wife does not talk to them properly which drives them crazy , we had kid last yr and we agreed we will not fight over petty things …but we run into lot of disagreements . Over the weekend we had big fight and my wife left the house while I had been to hospital ,my parents avoided her but she threatened to call 911 .so my parents let her to go . She did not respond to my calls nor the my parents …fact is she is been driven by her parents a lot and she listens to them more than husband …its been 2 days she never came home or enquire about the baby…we don’t know where she is sleeping …this morning i went to her office and saw her working …I told her to come home for child sake and my son goes to her room every often thinking she is there…she told she can’t talk to me and went inside office …I really got tears in my eyes thinking of my son …he misses his mother ,.i am ready to listen …but she does not care …s…i don’t know what she is planning …i lov my son and she knows I take good take care of him ,I don’t want him to be snatched from me…
Pls help and suggest how to proceed …I am confused

If she has left the home and does not have the intention to return, you may file an action for child custody to have the court set a custodial schedule, thereby ensuring that she does not attempt to take the child from you.