Useless filings/hears to wear me down

Ex is weathy and I am not. He has point blank emailed me and said that he will file everything he can and take me to court over useless stuff to wear me down financially so I will cave and have to give in.
Well he has managed to do this. His attorney constanty files motions and schedules useless hearings and I have no more money to go to court over silly items. They don’t produce documents so we have to file multiple subpeona’s etc only to produce them the day before hearings , file to have additional hearings to discuss what the judge ordered and they didn’t like the outcome etc.
Is there anything I can do. I can’t afford this anymore.

If you have an attorney they are in the best position to advise you on this matter, but with that said he could be subject to sanctions if he does things simply to delay the proceeding.