Vehicles considered Joint Marital Property

My husband has come and taken my car from the grocery store parking lot. We are in the middle of a separation but no ED has been legally done yet. Since the car is in MY name, but I bought it while we were together is it considered JMP? Can he just take it? How do I get it back?

If you bought it while married, with marital funds, then it is marital property regardless of the name on the title.

As it is JMP, his taking of the car is not stealing and what he did was probably perfectly legal. He must have followed you, been driven by a friend to the parking lot, and waited for you to go into the store. Can you just take it back or take his car?

He parked it at the house I no longer live at so if I go on the property he can get me for Domestic Criminal Trespassing… or so he says.