Very New to this...Need some answers

It is not a given that the mother will get the children. It boils down to who has been the primary caretaker and who will continue to provide the highest level of care and commitment to the children.

Continue to care for your family as it seems as though you have until now. One word of advice: records. Keep records of EVERYTHING. Even if the divorce is amicable, theings can turn nasty quick. Make sure you keep financial records, personal records so that in the event she does leave AND wants everything you are covered.

It is inevitable that my wife will eventually pull the plug on our marriage. She has threatened many times and I know she will see a lawyer at some point really soon. She has asked me to move out many times. I am posting to see how I should handle this situation as I know very little about divorce proceedings. I have told her I will not move out. We have 2 kids…3 yo and a 9 month old. I just figure she will get the kids (most mothers do) and I am staying here for them. Can she have me kicked out? Should I go ahead and get a lawyer up front to be one step ahead? No weird circumstances here at all (no infedelity, abuse, etc… I just want to be as prepared as possible for the inevitable.