Vicious exhusband


Can my ex-husband take my custody away because the cops were called to my house for an issue between me and my exboyfriend? They only came because I locked him out and was packing his stuff, they made sure i packed it all and then left. That’s all. This guy would never hurt my kids, even though we split, he misses them and loves them the same and keeps in touch. The issue was only that he had to leave and take his stuff. My ex-husband is saying I endangered them by having my boyfriend here in the first place. He has been on a rampage ever since he found out I was with someone 2 years ago. Every week he looks for something new to use against me. I can’t afford an attorney but I need to take him to court. Will I lose my kids over this? No one touched them or had any intentions to. No one yelled at the kids, no weapons/drugs were involved, and it was the only time this has happened.


Without a full consultation to discuss all the facts, it’s difficult for me to give a complete analysis of the situation, but if the children were not endangered or adversely affected by the boyfriend’s presence, I doubt that he has an argument for gaining primary custody in court. If he is refusing you court ordered visitation, you should file a motion for contempt.


this case was settled in Florida and my ex-husband has since moved to NC and has been here for over a year already. Can I take this to court here yet? He hasn’t paid child support the last 2 months and just says “i’m working on it” but now he says he is just going to take the kids from me.


If you are trying to enforce a child support obligation, you should contact your local child support enforcement office. If you are located in a different state, UIFSA allows a child support order to be enforced across state lines. If you are unable to enforce the order through UIFSA, you can register your order in NC and enforce it here.