Visitation vs. Support


Can someone please explain to me why visitation and support are seperate issues. I keep hearing that but do not understand how it is so. Thank you.


Child support is intended to ensure each party individually has the means to care for the children while they are in his or her care. Visitation is indented to ensure that the children are able to enjoy a strong bond with both parents by spending time with each of them as appropriate, the law does not intent for visitation and support to be interrelated.
Where the confusion normally comes in is when the different child support worksheets are applied. A Worksheet B is used when the parent who has the children less has more than 123 overnights with the children, normally in the average case child support is reduced in this “shared” custody child support scenario which leads folks to believe that support and custody are dependant on one another.
The reason the worksheet B differs is so that the payor spouse’s time with the children and responsibility to provide their necessities is not hindered by an obligation to pay a higher level of support.