My ex is claiming that I interfered with visitation before we had a order for visitation. Is it considered interference if we created our own schedule before the court ordered visitation? I would like to move out of state because he is gone half of the year every year due to deployments. But he plans to bring up the fact that he wasn’t able to see our child anytime he requested prior to going to court. We do not have family in the state and I would like to move to my home state with our child. Will the judge consider this interference and not allow me to move?

If your move affects visitation, the court may now allow you to move with the children.

He does not exercise visitation but 5 times or less a year because he is always out of state. Does that matter?

That would certainly be a factor the court could consider, but standing alone does not allow you to move without his consent, or a court order allowing the move.