So who collects it then? [;)]

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It’s too bad that no one replied to this post, or that the idiots who did reply were too self-interested with getting people to visit their gambling websites. If it weren’t six months later and Haley was still waiting for a reply, I would recommend that you take your daughter to a trained psychologist who can help bring the truth out of her. Have them put their notes in written form, and be sure to hire a firm that can also represent you in court. You definitely have an obligation to protect her, do what your heart tells you to do.



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I have a 2 1/2 yr. old daughter that has been getting gradual visitation with her father. The visits started as supervisors, then one night every other weekend, and now two nights every other weekend, with this past weekend as the first. My concerns are; when my daughter came home on Sunday she has been acting very different. When you mention her fathers name {daddy} she gets very upset, cries, screams, tries to hide. These are not happy expressions. The same expressions happen when other childrens names are mentioned in her fathers household.

My questions are; do you feel I should address these concerns to my attorney? Do you feel I should get child protection involed? My daughter can not talk well enough to tell me what happened. Her father lives 3 hours away. He has documented cases of child abuse, this was several years ago. My attorney did not bring this up at our final custody hearing, he stated this was our ace-in-the-hole. Do you feel this was in the best interest of my daughter?

Thank you for your answer.