I have a fourteen yr old son that lives in NC with his dad, I live in OH. We moved to OH in 2000, and things were going great my son was on AB Honor Roll and playing sports. His dads childsupport went from $234 to $593 when this happened his dad started making him a lot of promises including paying him a car my son was 12. His dad told him that if he started making bad grades and hanging with the wrong kids I would send him to NC. I never liked for my son to visit his dad, because his dad’s wife would not allow me to call their house to speak with my son. My son went from AB Honor Roll to D’s and F’s and started wearing red all the time and hanging with the wrong children. I had a heart to heart talk with my son and even wrote the situation down on paper. Things became better until he went for spring break and then he came back on worse. I decided I had to send him to NC before he was introduced to drugs or killed. (The only time he had with these children was at school, because I hardly ever let my children out of my sight). My son has been in NC for 2 yrs now and I am not allowed to call their house or send gifts to the house. I have to call his dad’s cell phone to talk with my son and for only 5 minutes and only on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. He was suppose to come for Spring break I bought the plane ticket and his dad would not let him come, so I was out of $357.97. I send my son $60 every two weeks. Is there anything that can be done as far as visitation and me being able to call the house and send gifts to the house. I will admit that being with his dad is best, but do I not have a right to speak with my son anytime we want to speak. I am suppose to have him for the summer, but I am not sure his dad will let him, and I have already bought the plane ticket for the date his dad told him he could come, but i am still afraid he will not take him to the airport. Please provide some advise!! I don’t want my son thinking I don’t want him. My children are my life[V] [:(] :frowning: