Visiting out of state family


Our daughter is currently living in North Carolina with her husband. He is stationed there serving in the military. They have only been married about a year. He has very little good to say about his wife, our daughter, and we question why he wanted to marry in the first place. They have two small children, she be came pregnant with their first while dating, and despite our concerns about getting married they did anyway. Well, now our daughter want to come visit us in colorado. Each time she asks him if she can visit her family he tells her that if she leaves the state with the children he will report her to the authorities as having kidnapped the kids. He has not been physical abusive that we know of yet… But he does use threats and is verbally abusive in order to maintain control of her. She is afraid for the children and also has no one close as a support system. We are concerned for both her and the children. Can anyone help us know what course of action she/we can pursue to assist our daughter? Thank you!


Visiting relatives is not the same thing as kidnapping. If your daughter would like to bring the children to see you, she may, so long as she does not have plans to remain in Colorado indefinitely and is not attempting to avoid the State’s jurisdiction. I would suggest that you support your daughter by encouraging her to move out of the marital residence and pursue an action for child custody.