Voluntary term. rights reinstatement

I when my ex and I split there was an order for support. He urged me not to pay him but to fly cross country to see our child so I could maintain a relationship. 3 years into this arrangemnt he filed for disability thus the courts demanded payment from me. I made a serious mistake in not just doing as the court ordered. I was arrested during a visit to her. My father agreed to pay off the debt on the condition I term my rights (huge mistake) but lawyer advised it could be undone in 1 yr. Now both ex and I are trying to undo it. Is there any hope. He is dying and wants her to be with me. Please help I am desparate

My understanding is that once parental rights are terminated it cannot be undone. I would suggest you contact a lawyer who specializes in this area of the law to see if there is anything you can do to reverse the termination.

Your ex of course can name you as legal guardian in the will.