Waive Evidence what does it mean?


My spouse didn’t show up for temporary hearing, attorney asked for a new date on the calendar for a permanent hearing, spouse pay legal costs for the day, evidence be waived. Judge agreed to all but said wants a temp hearing again first and then perm. What does it mean evidence is waived? Spouse didn’t file financial affidavit, we did on time. That was to exclude evidence for PSS so does that mean its dismissed? When a judge rules is it permanent and does spouse have to comply? What did this whole waste of time get me? Thank you. JB


It sounds like you attorney asked for the opposing party to not be able to present evidence as a sanction. Your attorney will be able to better answer the question of what that means in the long run as he/she knows what the case is about.


Thank you Ms. Putiri, I think the Attorney meant it as the opposing party not being able to request PSS (waive financial affidavit) but that doesn’t mean anything for the Alimony claim they said. My understanding is the Judge didn’t grant anything. Lawyer said it has to be presented again at next trial as a reminder it was ‘asked’ when the opposing team didn’t show. Your explanation was much clearer though and exactly what I was looking for!


Glad I could be of assistance.