We just want to go file together

My estranged wife and I have been separated since May of 2010. We have agreed on all property/financial issues, and have no children. We just want to go together and file for divorce, where can we do this?

You cannot file for divorce together, one of you must file the complaint as the Plaintiff.

She is going to file as the plaintiff, so that she can pay the $10 additional to restore her maiden name. My question is more do we have to go individually and have the papers mailed to me, or can we both go and fill out at the same time in order to get this going more quickly?

There is noting for you as Defendant to fill out, she needs to file the Complaint and have you served, or you may file an acceptance of service.

Thank you for your help. Can I do that at the same time she fills out her paperwork?
Is that at Mecklenburg Civil Courts Building, 800 East 4th Street, Charlotte, NC 28202?

You cannot file the Acceptance or Service until the Complaint has been filed, but can do so even a few moments afterwards.

Thank you very much Erin.

You are most welcome.