We were abandoned


My spouse left without giving any notice one afternoon when I went to pick up our son. He moved to Maryland to live with his parents. Separation papers were filed the very next day. We have since been to court where a judge has ruled that the 3rd Saturday of every month we travel to Hopewell, VA ( a halfway point between MD and NC) so that my ex can have 1 week of visitation with our son. I am very unhappy with this and eagerly seek to have this changed. Interstate 95 is EXTREMELY dangerous for anyone, but my child is not even 2 years old and should not be punished this way. WE were abandoned. Is this ruling by the judge reasonable? Can I have this changed?


In my opinion the judgment is reasonable as the court has an interest in promoting the best interests of the child, which presumably means allowing for the child to spend time with both parents.

To change custody there must be a substantial change in circumstances affecting the well being of the child from the date of entry of the last order.