What are one's chances of gaining custody if they

…have supervised visits only?

My fiance and his estranged wife both went to court to get custody of their daughter. Due to prior social services reports, (and the fact that social services removed her from the home), the estranged wife got only supervised visits. During their marriage, my fiance made the mistake of taking his wife back at least 3 times after she had been removed from the home. The judge said that he was putting his daughter in danger by doing so and also gave him supervised visits only. The judge gave my fiance’s mother Temporary Custody. He wanted my fiance and his estranged wife to A) take parenting classes B) get evaluated by a licensed clinical social worker, C) get a house visit by an evaluator to see their living conditions.

Well, he has done both A and B, an evaluator has yet to come to the house however. The estranged wife has done absolutely nothing, and her own mother said she was on my fiance’s side in this, because her daughter is on crack and said she’d choose her current boyfriend over her daughter. The daughter is doing incredibly well at the paternal grandmother’s house.

So, what are his chances honestly? If he was already given supervised visits because he was seen as being neglectful for putting his daughter in danger by letting the abusive wife back in, does he even have a chance to be a custodial parent? He wants full custody by the way. He fulfilled everything he was supposed to do, got a good evaluation from the LCSW, and has character witnesses saying he’s a good father.