What can a 17 yr old do

Since he’s not a legal adult he is still considered a minor. If he leaves, he can be brought back by the police to your home where he lives.
If you believe that he is a danger to himself or to others, you can have him involuntarily commited at least for 72 hours to have him evaluated. If he has drug issues along with a medical condition, it’s probably a good idea. If he has quit taking a beneficial medication due to his drug use then “turning him in” may be the best thing in the world you can do. I know you want to protect him, but at some point you have to stop enabling him to endanger himself. If you let him get to 18 without putting your foot down and forcing him to change, you will not have a say after that point. Though at this point it may have already gone too far, you can still try everything possible to keep him from permanently screwing up the rest of his life.
After he turns 18 you will have no say. Legally, he is an adult and can do whatever he chooses, though you do not have to help him. Sometimes the best solution is not the easiest…I’m sorry that you are going through this and I will keep you in my thoughts.

I’ve searched the internet and can’t find a legal answer. My 17 year old son has decided that he wants to move out and live with friends, go to work, and would be in a different county.

Besides the fact that he isn’t mature enough to do this, what is the legal ramifications of this. He has it in his mind that I can’t stop him from doing this because he is over 16. How do I stop him? And, if I can’t stop him, how do I then keep from being responsible for his irresponsible behavior. He was arrested this last summer for assault (hit his girlfriend). I know that he is using some type of drugs, and since he has a permanant Traumic Brain Injury from a car accident, he no longer has a real ability to control his emotions. The medication that was given to him helped, but he can’t take it if he’s smoking pot, so he’s stopped taking it. He also doesn’t have good judgement because of these things.

Please help. I am tired of living in the hell he’s created, but I also don’t want him to leave. I keep thinking that if I just let him know how much he is loved, he’ll stay. It’s not working.