What can I do?


This evening my husband and I were having dinner and he was acting very distant. I asked him why he was so moody and he started acting mean, He started running his mouth and then jumped up out of his seat holding his plate looking like he wanted to dump it on me but didn’t, He instead jumped in my face and held his fist at my face. Is putting his fist at my face considered assault? He has really changed these last years. He isn’t happy at all with anything in his life. Any suggestions for me? This marriage has been destroyed by his bad attitude… I get only a tiny amount of disability each month and he resents me, doesn’t want to support me anymore…


This isn’t a criminal law forum, so I won’t answer as to whether the fist in your face is the crime of assault. If you were scared, harmed, or felt threatened, you can seek a domestic violence protective order. If you want to end the marriage, you should speak with an attorney in your area about how best to proceed depending upon the facts of your case.

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Just a thought,
If divorce is a last option for you & possibly him too, how about individual and marital counseling?

As for the question on him raising his hand in a threatening manner, you can call the sheriff’s office and ask, or go to the magistrate
and express your concern.

Anger, Rage, Depression and feeling out of control inside are a toxic combination that destroy a person first from the inside out & then it affects everything around them.

Really you both need help if your going to work this out, but individual help one way or the other can be beneficial.

Best of luck.


That is not an assault. I suppose he didn’t mean to hurt you, he just tried to show you his frustration. Please give your husband some peaceful time. Talk to him very politely and ask what you can do for him. He must be going through bad circumstances. You better not take it negatively. Ask him his problems and assure him that he will be fine and all his troubles which he doesn’t tell you will go away with time. If he still behaves in an unpleasing manner then you need to do something with your marriage. May be divorce.