What do I do


I have a wife who spend most of her time at her mothers house. I never refrain her from anything. a couple times a year she and my two daughters 13 and 9, goes to the beach with her mother. I am not invited. This last time she went in april she comes home and says I am moving to the beach. Are you coming with me? I have not answered her because I do not want to move to Florida (her parents have decided to move there because they have family there). She is being hateful and hasnt spoke with me in two days. She doesnt have a job to speak of and I have been paying all the bills for over $ years. she expects me to just move to Florida. She says shes moving with or without me. Can she legally take my girls from their home and move to Florida?

I don’t know what to do. I really do not believe she loves me because of how she treats me. I have just been holding on to a dream…