What do I do?


I have an old friend who use to be totally on my side for she saw everything that the EX did to the children and I. Since her and I are no longer friends because she owed alot of money to us that she had to pa., I found out yesterday that she is going to court to side with the EX now. I think it is to just get me mad because she lost money that she couldn’t spend because she owed the debt.

How does this work when she has always been on my side this whole time and went to court with me the first time we had court? What can I do to show the judge that she is doing this out of anger towards me because of the debt?


Ultimately the judge will have to decide whether or not this person is a credible witness. You will have the opportunity to ask her questions related to your past friendship and the debt which will show the judge the potential bias of the witness.