What do I do


My husband has contacted an attorney about filing for divorce. He ran up our cell phone bill a year and a half ago and I found out he was talking to a woman he worked with. He spoke to the attorney then but we decided to go through counseling and he promised to stop the contact with her. Now a year and a half later, it is going on again or maybe has never stopped. He denies that he has slept with her. What do I need to do to prepare for this? Am I eligible for alimony and child support? We have an 8 year old and have been married 13 years. Do I need to get a lawyer too? Can I keep this woman from being around my child when he has visitation rights? Please help!!!


Yes you will be eligible for alimony. Yes you most defiantly need an attorney. Best of luck to ya.


If your son will live with you at least some of the time, you should receive child support assuming your spouse is gainfully employed. You can also make a claim for alimony if you are the dependant spouse, and need not prove he has had an affair.

As for custody, you can certainly attempt to keep the girlfriend away from your child, but I am seeing judges order such restrictions less and less, unless the paramour is a dangers, or potentially dangerous person.

I suggest you meet with a lawyer in the immediate future to create an action plan. You may also be entitled to have your husband pay a portion of your attorney’s fees.