What is a "forgivable" reason to deny visitation?


If the other parent refuses to seek the last of a series of antibiotic shots because “their appointment is more important” and they are refusing to take the child to the doctor while it is their parenting time. Is this something a judge will find forgivable in a contempt motion if the primary parent refuses to honor that parenting time and offers another weekend?

On a side note this same parent has gotten themselves banned from being on the property of their child’s daycare and their child’s other parent is left fighting to not have that child kicked out of the daycare, for verbally attacking a teacher, the director and the head of the board, all in the same week?


not an attorney

I don’t think any reason is “forgivable” do deny visition, while I understand your frustration and reasons. If you have valid reasons, a judge is going to expect you to be proactive and file the appropriate papers in court to deny or change the visitation.


I think you can deny visitation if you feel the child is in imminent danger (abuse, neglect, etc.). That said, if the other parent takes you to court you need to be able to defend your position. I’m not sure if non-emergency medical appointments would be justifiable.


Failing to take a child to a doctor’s appointment doesn’t sound like it is in the child’s best interest, but it also doesn’t sound like a reason to deny visitation. Keep track of these types of events so that if you need to seek a modification, you can show why the other parent isn’t looking out for the child’s best interests and doesn’t want to be involved in the child’s care aside from visiting with the child, but reschedule the doctor’s appointment and do not deny visitation.