What is child support intended for?


It supposed to cover a bit of housing, food, clothes in it but to get exactly what it entails I dont think an atty wd know. It does not include college, medical or activities. These are treated seperately and will be spelled out in your child support order, some of which you do not have to agree to–medical you will have to pay a % on top of whatever you give her for child support.

Go to the NC division of social services and click on child support to find the calculator and see for yourself how it is broken down. Child support is for the child and if amicably is whatever extra you want it to include. Private school-yes it cd be placed in the calculator if you agreed for them to go there. Private college-no,not legally-morally you have an obligation but you dont have to agree to it in the order.


Child Support is supposed to be used for any thing that has to do with the child or anything that can have a direct affect on the child.


This question may have been answered before. I looked around but can’t find an answer.

What is child support supposed to be used for? Is it supposed to cover housing or just food and clothing? How about a private college for the kids? Is there anything child support is not to be used for?

Any help is appreciated.