What rights do my child & I have?

Last year I became pregnant for the 1st time & my husband & I decided it would be best for me to become a stay-at-home mom. I have been completely financially dependent on him since Mar. 2009. My husband left us the end of May 2010. I wished to have marriage counseling but he wanted his girlfriend instead as “counseling”. At first he was fine with the separation not having to be notarized, but has since changed his mind. Since the separation & even before he has promised to pay for my schooling so I can make money in the work-force instead of min. wage & has promised to keep “taking care” of my daughter & I financially. Exactly what are we entitled to demand in the notarized separation? Thank you so much.

What is he going to offer you and have you filed for child support?

You are entitled to child support pursuant to the NC Child Support Guidelines (there is a calculator on this site that will help you arrive at the proper amount). You may also be entitled to spousal support and attorney’s fees.

I strongly suggest you meet with an attorney to find out exactly what you are entitled to before you sign anything.