What type of State is NC

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Greetings. Please note that our laws allow for an equitable distribution of property. The presumption is that all property distributions will be 50/50.

Yes, this process is more involved than getting married, because it involves the separation of two lives made one. It is almost like surgery performed on siamese twins! Best of luck!

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In my reading and research about the divorce laws of NC I am not sure what type of state this is. Is NC a community property state? Equitable distribution state? or 50/50? I am confused and would like clarification.

I know the definition of each and am just wanting to know which is NC? Please don’t reply with a guess. I need to know definite if at all possible. Once I know this I can channel my reading in a specific area. There is so much out here that it is just overwhelming reading it all.

Here we seem to be talking mainly about property, child support, custody and the normal things. As I am reading I find out there are so many other things to consider such as Homeowner Insurance coverage and how it affects the person who leaves the home. Life Insurance coverage changes and lastly the most interesting one for me. If both parties has medical coverage through their employer the birthday rule applies. Primary coverage is provided thru. the spouse with the earliest birth month and day during the year.

Another situation: If one spouse has grp. ins. and the other has an individual policy, the grp. policy is used first.

This process is more involved than getting married. [?]

Thanks for your time in responding to my question.