When is enough...enough?


Hello all,

I was divirced in 1995 in NC and when I got out of the Military I moved to Ohio.

This is my story of me finally stopping rolling over for her.

In my prior marriage we had a son who is now 12. Since then my Ex wife and myself both have been re-married and have children. Me a 2 year old girl and her 2 more kids.

She re-married to someone in the Army and have been moving around alot. For 3 years they moved to Italy and I did not see my son for that amount of time due to I was on a very limited budget.

After they returned they moved to Florida and once again I barely saw my son, during this time I tried talking to her and seeing if she would split travel costs and she stated that this was my problem.

2 years ago my son stated he wanted to live with me. So me and my wife took him in and he stayed with me and I never asked for a dime. During this time we accrued alot of medical bills due to him having severe ADHD and depression. I asked her for help with the bills and she stated that she was not going to pay. This was evan though the divorce decree states that we will pay 50/50.

Now that he lives again with her (in NC again now) the NC child support enforcement agency want to increase my support payments.

  1. She does not work or want to work.
  2. She relies totally on me for financial support for him evan though she is married and can work.

This is never taken in account with the NC Child Support. They stated they want what is best for the child. But what is best for my other child in my current marriage. My Ex puts my son in the best desinger clothes and has the best toys and video games.

My daughter wears off the shelf clothes from wal-mart or what we found on sale. If they want to increase my support, I will be forced to take another job and that will affect my relationship with my wife and daughter.

so yes enough is enough. I am finally getting a lawyer and running the gamit on my ex and trying to get everything I can. I am tired of being the kicking boy and her getting her way.

So if you ask…Yes i am bitter and mad.

Thanks for letting me rant to people that might have or will go through the same thing.