Where do I begin


If you want a attorney to respond then you need to trim this down tremendously and ask a question. I think your sister has been very irresponsible and will probably end up losing her things and by the time she retrieves them it may be destroyed, as far as the debt of credit she will be responsible as well as him if its in both names.


Hello, I need some advice on a situation my sister has gotten her self in to. Last February (2005) my sister moved from Ohio to North Carolina. Come to find out she had been writing this guy who had been in and out of prison for several years and she decided to up and quit her job and move to North Carolina to be with him(despite all the warnings of her family and friends, etc). When she moved to NC she had approximately 35K to her name (stocks (28K), cash (2K) and credit (8K)). Needless to say the money is now gone (no big surprise to us), and she is now back in Ohio with no money, no credit and only 3 sets of clothing to her name. Apparently what happened is that her and the ex con lived together up until December of this year. From what I have been told by both my sister and her husband is that this guy was getting pressured from his PO officer that he needed to get married (something about a law in NC that people on probation cannot just live with someone). I am not sure if this is true or not, but that is besides that fact since they are now legally married (they married in December 2005). Things were not going well between them before they got married and according to my sister she felt pressured to get married. She did not leave things in a good situation with her family back home when she left, and according to her, she did not know what to do so she married the guy. Three weeks ago her husband changed the locks on the house and threw her out. His reason for doing this was that she committed adultry. I dont know the entire situation of what went on between them, but apparently he would come home, start a fight with her, go out bar hopping all night and come home late if he even came home at all. With her not knowing anyone there except for his parents, she was left with nothing to do but go to his parents house or sit at home alone. This is how she wound up hooking up with his brother (yes, the one she commited adultry with). Anyway, she is now back in ohio, and all of her belongings are at the house in North Carolina. Her husband is refusing to give her anything until she signs the separation papers he sent by certified mail. From what we can calculate, she spent 14K on a Nissan Maxima car (which is in Ohio) and approx 10K on furniture (which is in the house in NC). These are the main assets left out of her money. In the separation papers her husband is requesting that SHE is responsible for the balance on the 2 credit cards they have (the credit cards were originally in her name and she added him to the account and gave him his own card because he has no credit). The total due between both of these cards is 9K. He then states in the separation papers that he will take over the residence (they were renting a house) and HE will keep all the belongings of the household (which of course includes the 10k in furniture she purchased).
The title to the Nissan car is at the house in NC. He took this from her before he threw her out. According to my sister the title is in both of thier names. She also has approximately another 2 - 3 K in bills that have been created while she was in NC. Basically what it boils down to is this guy has scammed her out of everything. I think the only reason he has not come after the car she is driving is because his probabtion dictates that he cannot leave the state of North Carolina for the next 7 years. I have also found out by looking at some of her credit card statements that the majority of the purchases were made by him with the main one being a $3800 charge for the car that he is currently driving. From what my sister has said he has a bank account in his own name that has 5K sitting in it. He is working now, and is always bragging about how much money he is making, but yet he will not pay to ship her stuff back to her and wants to leave her holding the all debt out of this fiasco.
So I guess I basically need to know what our options are on getting this marriage over with. Can she file for divorce on the grounds of fraud, or is there even such a law? Like I previously said, I think he had this planned from the get go. I also would not be surprised if his brother became a part of this plan (they both have records and are both convicted felons). Also, what options do we have on trying to get her personal belongings back. He was calling her and threatening her that he took all of her stuff to the salvation army. As soon as I mentioned contacting his PO officer about him making threatening and harassing phone calls we havent heard back from him. I just have no clue on where to begin in getting this mess straightened out. My sister has no intentions of moving back to North Carolina and I really dont want to make a trip out there to try and resolve this. We are dealing with 2 felons and I have no clue in what could happen if we make the trip out there.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.