Where to find the strength to be a single parent

In response to your questions, it’s probably a combination of all the things you listed. When you feel like you’re going crazy, you need to stop, sit down and remember everything you did with your son today. Think of all the times you’ve watched t.v. together, done homework, talked at dinner, got to tell him good night and good morning every day watching him grow, driving with him to the store, doing chores around the house, spending holidays together, etc. These are the things you should be appreciating when you get frustrated with him. There are some of us who don’t get to enjoy these things in our childrens lives. Be thankful he’s there with you driving you crazy instead of 13 hours away with no way to contact him.

My thoughts are with you…try having a 13 yr old girl - even better. Have you explored counseling? Some churches and communities will offer help for you or you both at little or no cost. His hormones are raging and he is trying to figure out who he is. May be good if he were involved in sport or other activities where there were strong male figures like school sports, youth groups at church or scouting. I would also just lay it out on the line for him and tell him how you feel - that is if you haven’t already.

Hang in there suszn. Be thankful that you still have your son with you. l am stationed here in texas and my son is in NC, and l want get to see him but maybe a couple times out of the year. He will be 3 yrs old in Nov and for the next few years he will be out of my life to the point to where I don’t know what I am going to do. Seek help for you and your son so that you both can grow together. Trust me it will be worth it.

where does a single parent find the strength? I’m a single mom of 1 13 y/o boy. He is testing me EVERY day. His Dad is a 5 hour drive away and has not been a “real” father figure in over 7 years. I feel like my son is missing out on a male roll model. My family is too far away to help, I’ve thought of looking into Big Brothers/Big Sisters. I don’t know if what my son is going thru is just 13 y/o boy stuff, is it adolescents… what? I know he is angry that Dad isn’t around and has talked about wanting to move to be with him. My son can be so rude and fresh, it just drives me crazy. Sometimes I feel like I’m raising him right and other times there is no respect. How do you be strong ALL the time? To set rules, stick by your guns? How do you raise a boy to be respectful, polite man in this world of rude is cool??