Which county do I find legal counsel?

My husband and I were married in Lenoir county and we reside in Lenoir County. We currently live in my father-in-laws house and I am planning on moving to Wake county with my children. Where should I obtain counsel? He has asked for separation and I am a stay at home Mom. Should I move first or stay where I am?

There are pros and cons to obtaining an attorney in either place. If he isn’t going to contest the move with the children, you are probably better off moving to Wake County and obtaining an attorney where you reside so it is easier for you to meet with them, etc. If you end up litigating custody, it would be best to litigate where you want the children to live so that you can present evidence and witnesses that are local. If he is going to contest the move, he will likely quickly file in Lenoir county so you may be better served by having a Lenoir attorney ready to represent you in court.