Who can I call to complain about aggressive county clerk off

I live in Cumberland County, and pay the state my child support. In Aug, the county clerk filed for and in Oct was granted by the court to represent my ex. I have paid child support on time since 2007. Once it was turned over to the county clerk though, things changed. In Nov they filed that I was behind more than 1 month’s support check, in which they were going to garnish more than double the agreed upon child support each month. I had to hire a lawyer to prove that the county mis-calculated, and I was actually ahead $200. And now, the county has sent my employer a court order to have child health care coverage. I am retired from the military, and work as a contractor. However, I have Tricare, and my children are covered under Tricare (and have been since birth). I feel I am being unfairly harassed by the county, how/who can I contact to get this resolved. There has to be a state representative I can contact for me, the non-custodial parent who is constantly being accused by the county? I feel like they are treating me as a deadbeat dad, when I haven’t done anything wrong. Please advise. Thank you in advance.

As your question isn’t about child support, but rather how to file a grievance against the county, it is outside of the scope of this forum. I am not familiar with the grievance process, but it might be helpful to start by sharing your complaint with the most senior clerk in that county.