Who files child support withholdings?

In several past orders, it was ordered that my child-support was to be withheld from my income. The first time this was ordered, it was transferred to DSS and was being taken out of my check. Then child support was suspended. When restarted, it was ordered to be withheld from my income, but never transferred to DSS. I provided the court with my employer. Withholdings never started. I tried to get my employer to withhold it, and they would not, then needed an order and that the order saying to withhold was not enough that the state had to send in something.

I have two questions:

  1. Should this had been transferred to DSS? If so, whom should have done it?
  2. Since this is a clerks case (from what I was told), which attorney or person was to have the withholding started?

Thanks in advance.

I would contact DSS and explain what is going on. They have the power to enforce the court’s order and will be able to provide your employer with the necessary paperwork.