Who pays child support?


My husband’s son has two children…one just started living with him, the other with the mother. He works, she doesn’t…shas been fired from numerous jobs. He went to court (she didn’t show) and they said that he didn’t have to pay child support anymore since the one daughter is living with him, but did have to pay arrears. Because his soon-to-be-ex receives WIC/Food Stamps/etc…the arrears are going to the State. She didn’t like that answer, so she called her case worker. Now he’s being told that he has to still pay her child support. Why would that be? Since he has one of the girls…wouldn’t she “have” to pay him, too?

Thank you!


Yes, he may still have to pay her depending upon the income of the parties and who pays the for health insurance and day care. The only way to determine this figure is to run the child support calculations using the guidelines.