Why does CS take so long to modify?

I took all my paperwork to CS this morning. Copies of paystubs, worksheets I ran on CS site, new custody agreement, even the statute about extraordinary expense. CS tells me that they will run the numbers then request paperwork from her. She has 30 days to respond. Then they will work up final figures and mail us both a CS amount. We have 30 days again to appeal. THEN if the amount that I pay were to go up it starts automatically HOWEVER if the amount is set to go down I have to file for a court date? How long will this take? Is there anyway to speed this process up? Its crazy that I have our child all but everyother weekend while still paying the full amount and she won’t even split her lunch costs.

We have two kids. One 50/50 split on time and the other lives with me now. I pay 430 a month plus insurance. This should drop to about $150 a month.

It could take anywhere from one month to 3 months. There are certain rules and time periods that must be adhered to, such as the rules of civil procedure, the case log at CSE will also be a factor in the length of time the process takes to complete.

What if I asked my ex to just agree on a new amount? If she did could we just take that to DSE?

Yes, you should be able to.