Why have a Separation Agreement?

Arthurp, have you spoken to someone professionally? Divorce and seperation are traumatic emotional events. You cannot hope to get though such a process unsupported. Check with your employer most have EAP programs that can point you to someone. I realized this prior to seperating and seeing someone has helped me keep my sanity during this process. I have read a number of your posts and see that you are an smart man do not prove me wrong go talk to someone it will help.


This may sound very silly BUT why have a separation agreement? Both sides signed it both sides agree on it. But one day one side says well I am going to fight this because I feel that I want more and people say that I can more because I am a woman now what? The long and costly process of going though this WOW what a let down and still nothing is done is this what we are looking at?
Is a signed, notarized and dated separtion agreement a legal binding contract? And has all in the contract that says about you read and understand what you sign and that you are not under duress to sign it can a judge do anything about this contract? Is this not contract law?
Why must I go to medation for the for this about marital property and all the other junk that is to be done about this if all this is in the contract of the seperation agreement, then why go to medation and what will be done about when I am there? Sounds like the system is not right and that (“We the people of the United States of America”) are being taken, robbed and mislead of the system and there is nothing that we can do to stop this I can see this now.
My STBX who started all this has been mislead by her lack of judgment lack brains lack of common sense and listening to people who have no clue on what is going on with life but they do not have to pay the bills and go though all this hardship, torment, sleeplees nights and the children who are asking all the time when will it end daddy this is all that goes with this mess. But the people who say you can get him for all he has do not have to deal with this are these the ones that should be judged and taken to court? They have no heart or soul just a mouth that is wrong in what they say and have no clue in world.
I am sorry for this but I would love for all this to end and to move with my life but its looks like it will be even longer for me to move on this why must I go though this torment when I am so close to the end and I hope and pray that no one will ever have to go though what I am gong though.
Thank you and God Bless all