Wife married another man without me knowing

I have recently become aware that my wife has married one of her co workers and she is currently trying to move him and his 2 year old son into our home with our 5 children. I know what your thinking, is this for real? I was in denial for a while myself until I spoke with this guy and then went to the register of deeds and pulled my marriage license and the other one. It’s for real. They were married on October 27 th 2014. Now there is more to this story. I had suspicions about something going on about 6 months ago, and our marriage has been rocky. Also about 4 months ago we all sat down as a family and told our kids that we would be separating. Ever since then she has avoided the issue like the plague and we have no agreement what so ever. She would not come home from work, and would disappear most weekends. She would not answer phone calls or text messages. And I was usually left with 4 children. I have felt helpless and trapped this entire time and now with finding out that she actually married someone else I am at a total loss. I have spoken with the other guy and he said she told him we were divorced about 5 years ago and that I just lived in the house for the kids. I pretty much told this guy he’s a total dumb ass and don’t see how it’s even possible for someone to do this. My wife has always maintained that this guy is a friend and co worker who had fallen on some hard times. She has slowly moved boxes and clothing and other belongings of this man into our home. The past two weeks and Christmas have by far been the strangest. Last weekend I returned from my mothers house to find this mans two year old at our home, totally unbeknownst to me. Then my wife left me for 2 days with this 2 year old, my 5 year old twins, my 10 year old daughter and 12 year old son. She told me she was Christmas shopping. I guess the last thing I need to say is that my 12 year old son has told me many times over the past 6 months that this guy comes over when I go to work. I work third shift about an hour away. I questioned my wife and she has always maintained this guy is just a co worker friend. I don’t have time to play private eye and frankly I didn’t care because I want out of this marriage, but most people at least get a divorce before they re marry, and they sure as heck don’t try and move the guy into the house while the legit husband still lives there. This is also screwing up my kids hardcore, they don’t get it. Sorry for the Jerry Springer crazy stuff here but I’ve got to tell my story somehow to someone. I’ve contacted lawyers but it’s really difficult around the holiday season to handle anything like this. I just need advise if anyone has any, I know it’s a lot to take in but I need help.

I’m not quite sure how to respond because you haven’t asked a specific question. I will say, however, that your wife’s second marriage is void. The only marriage in North Carolina that is considered automatically void by operation of law is a bigamous marriage, which is a marriage entered into by someone who is already married. Since the law dictates that a person may only be married to one spouse at a time, a second or subsequent marriage is not recognized and is automatically invalid in North Carolina. Regardless, it sounds like you are ready to move on and should probably schedule a consultation with an attorney to talk about how to proceed with the divorce process.