Wife should have Married her Sister

I know this sounds Crazy but my wife of 20 Years (Who is very close to her sister & 3 years apart in Age) spends hours at her sisters home which is 1/2 mile away. Sister made her husband of 15 years move out when he couldn’t find work (They have a 2 young children ages 6 & 12) probably about 2 years ago. They have some valuable property and she is about to inherit more property (Pushed out husband will win the lottery one day). Anyway, we’ve had family vacations together at the beach for maybe 12-15 of the years. After my wife’s sister became self initiated single, trips to the beach where no husbands were allowed but kids were became the new norm. My kids 9-15 have been subjected to unknown visitors and other races that I find out about later. I also caught (From Cell Bill) wife having an affair with a former child friend who also happened to be at the beach. She admitted this. So here is my problem, I can’t and don’t want to cause friction with my wife and her sister. My wife has basically chosen the single life, Drinks a 12 pack a day and smokes 2 packs of Cigs per day. The trips she takes to her sisters a 1/2 mile away and their overnight stays when I Work (Which is overnight) leaves for a very bad environment because I do not know what goes on. I do have a few drunk looking pictures my kids took of a party they had but I cannot control what my sister does in her home. I also don’t think I can stop my wife from going to her sisters with my kids. Obviously, separation is close, I’m a Good guy and love my Kids but seems that I can’t control the environment they are currently living in. If we separate, she’ll move in with the Sister and thats the environment my kids will be in for the remainder of their youth. I might can change my work schedule but jobs are tough and I do provide for my family. I hope to at least have 50/50 custody but really would like for an arrangement (AS long and me and Soon to be EX wife can agree) considering they will be 1/2 mile that allows for either of us to see them daily. I don’t think either of us would mind that. So, I just don’t want to be away from my kids for a Week. Football, baseball, cheerleading practice, I want to go see them as much as I can. Anyway, from reading this forum (WHICH IS AWEOME) , I hope everything is negotiable, The wife has chosen a different lifestyle but I want to remove as many negative influences from them even if the parties at the Sisters House are Legal. I also, know of some attendees that smoke dope (I never have, don’t think my wife has when we were Married – But do know that the Sister does --) I’m fearful, she may be high - or all be drunk and allow my older child to try. I know these private matters are hard to control— But can anyone tell me what my rights are, regarding my children being at my wifes sisters house and particularly if that becomes her new homeplace?

It sounds like your Wife’s sister’s house is not a good environment for the children to be raised. You can fight for custody, and seek a provision in your order that the children are not to be taken to their aunt’s home.