Withholding food from children? 3

My ex, according to my children is basically with holding food from them. And its not the first time either. Apparently ex has put chains and padlocks on the refrigerator and cabinets and keeps them locked unless he decides to open them. My kids are in elementary school and hungry when school lets out for the day and are refused any snacks or drinks. Ex often does not make dinner so kids either go without or eat what they can find, nor does he provide them with breakfast. My kids are getting fewquent stomach aches and feeling bad from not eating as they need to when with my ex. Is there any action I can take to make it stop or get kids away from him where they will be cared for?

If your children are not being fed, I believe this would constitute neglect under Chapter 7B of the North Carolina Statutes. You should consult with an attorney in your area to discuss filing for a modification of the child custody order, or in the alternative, contact child protective services to discuss his actions and get them involved.